2 Common mistakes I made as a beginner digital artist

Digital art is more difficult than any other form of art pre-existing art. n matter how much you have experienced in the art world; digital art will not come easy.

As an artist, there are still multiple mistakes I made as a beginner in digital art. I had to learn everything about art from scratch and make all the right changes to ensure I get exactly what I want. Some of these mistakes are common for most artists and they are quite easy to correct.

Learning from my mistakes was a big leap for me in the digital art world. It helped me reduce the chances of failure and I had plenty of time to learn and perfect a new art form.

Here are some common mistakes I made as a beginner on digital art and how you can avoid them

Zero ideas

I always found myself starting a digital drawing without any ideas. As a beginner, you should always start a new painting when you have your mind set on it. typically, artists start their drawings on a while piece of canvas without any direction and most of the times end up with a good piece of art. I found out the hard way that this does not work for digital art for beginners.

The problem is, starting your digital painting with a definite piece of art is not always going to be easy. Keep in mind that frustration will definitely come your way.

Something important you should do before you begin the drawing/painting is to create several idea variations in your head. This is so helpful for people who do not come up with a definite idea or direction in which they want their piece of art to end in.

As long as you know the basics, creating a piece of art won’t be that hard for you. you are allowed to heck for inspirational art pieces online to use them for practices.

Overdoing the details

Every artist has a style they like to use in real life, and this also applies when it come to digital art. the thing is, in real life art we find ourselves wanting to include multiple details all over the paper as well as refining the space in the painting. I learnt this the hard way but tis are two things you do not want to do when creating digital art.

Do not obsess over trying to make the art piece as detailed as you can because we all know that at some point you are bound to overdo it and ruin the pictures. It’s possible that you will end up stuck trying to make the piece of art as good as you made it the first time.

Final word

Finally, you want to create a painting that is more than just that; it should be able to create an idea, concept, story and be captivating in other people’s eyes too. Choosing the right lighting, elements, contrast and composition while making your piece of art is the first step to creating an excellent piece of digital art.