About Us


My name is Angela Birch, owner and creator of angelacumberbirch.com. As much as I can remember, my whole life has always evolved around art. from my experience, art is a trait that you are born with. Artistic skills develop as we grow and it is our duty to make meaning of that.

Why digital art? – I believe digital art is growing to be, if not, one of the most popular forms of art around the globe. As an artist, I understand that art is a process that continues to grow. More people are adopting digital art creation, which is a necessity if you are any kind of artist.

My mission- My main focus for angelacumberbirch.com Is to help the reader obtain as much knowledge as they can about digital art creation. From beginners to masters in digital art, you will find something for everyone.

Team – I work with a team of writers, editors and researchers to ensure you receive the best content. A diverse team ensures I get well researched information that is highly valuable to the reader and that it is presented in an organised manner that is easy to access.

Editorial guidelines – I highly value the information I put out for the world to see. This is why I ensure I do plenty of research before I put out any content. You can rely on angelacumberbirch.com for up-to date, non-biased information about different digital art forms.

I believe that digital art is one form of art that continues and will continue to grow especially due to digital development. Which is why we must continue to learn all details about art. 

There is a wide variety of information to e shared about digital art, which is why encourage you to leave a critic, comment and opinion where necessary. I value interactions with my readers because at the end of the day I get to learn something new about digital art too.