How to improve your digital drawing skills

Digital art is quickly becoming popular, especially in this growing digital era. If you are an all-round artist like me, you will find yourself very interested in this art form. every time you go online, you will not fail to see digital creations from various artists around the world.

I can tell you this, getting a digital graphic tablet is very exciting, almost as exciting as getting your first brushes, acrylic paint or any other major art supplies. The excitement is pretty great and you find yourself wanting to create so many ideas that are in your head.  Just like the first time you help your brush, you find yourself wanting to paint all ideas in your head.

Before you raise your expectations, you should know that this form of art is not easy to master, especially when you know so little about the tech. you will find yourself making so many mistakes and creating some of the worst pieces of art oy have ever made.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your skills as a beginner in digital art

Start painting with light only

After a long study of digital art, I realised that most people will start with a plain light canvas, usually white and work their way up as their skills continue to improve. White canvas is the default when it comes to all forms of painting, whether you want to create light or shadows. Basically, you create a sketch on the plain white paper and invert the colors when you want to create a dark to light image. I found that this is the best way to create a blueprint for your digital image.

Limit the number of colors you use

One thing I like most about digital art is that there is an array of endless colors. You can create basically any color on the color wheel and more with just a few clicks. This can also make it more difficult for you, I found myself taking close to one hour trying to find the perfect color.

With digital art, there is no guide to using the color and as an artist I know pretty well that it is not a good idea to start with random colors. When you are a new artist, you should use a maximum of 5 colors for convenience, especially in digital art creation.

A technique I found to be very effective in this form of art is copying colors from real objects. Digital art apps allow you to copy the color from an image on your device. This will make it easier for you as a beginner to create good quality art pieces.

Try different brushes when painting

Yes, just like in real life art, digital illustrations can be made with different types of painting brushed. Painting is an expression of the vision in our heads, which for the most part is not always perfect. Some concepts we create in our heads are not so complete and will not look as perfect without some tweaks and changes.

Finally, I find that is a good idea to study a concept or idea before I start a digital painting. While there is plenty of room for mistakes, redoing it can be exhausting.  Don’t just start a drawing without a plan and expect a perfect outcome every time.